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Call for Papers


NTUT Intellectual Property Law and Management is a multidisciplinary journal which concerned with legal, economic and social aspects of IP issues. This journal is included in the SCOPUS, WESTLAW, WESTLAW HK, LAWDATA, AIRITI LIBRARY citation databases, and it welcomes contributions to address IP topics at national, regional and international level.



1. A manuscript has to follow the citation format of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. If the citation format for a particular reference is not provided, please give a citation in a form: [Author], [article title], [volume number] [Journal Title] [first page] (publication year), for instance, Zvi Griliches, Patent Statistics as Economic Indicators: A Survey, 8 Journal of Economic Lirerurure 1661, 1661-707 (1990). If your article relates to management or business, pin-point citation is not required. For all manuscripts, a list of references is not required.

2. A regular manuscript is expected to be 6000-8000 words in length, including the main text and footnotes. Potential authors are encouraged to contact Dr. Yachi Chiang for a manuscript template.

3. A regular manuscript has to include an abstract of at most 300 words and at most five keywords.

4. The authors are responsible for the factual or legal accuracy of their papers. No payment is for contribution. Two copies of the journal will be supplied to the authors free of charge.

5. Manuscripts must be typewritten in English. Electronic submissions are preferred. Please provide Microsoft Word files and email to



In general, all submissions will be subject to a peer-review process.



By submitting manuscripts, all authors shall grant to the National Taipei University of Technology a non-exclusive license to disseminate their papers through the instruments of the National Taipei University of Technology or other affiliating entities.


Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement:

This journal is committed to maintain ethics and quality standard of publication. Authors, editors, reviewers, and staff are required to follow general standards of ethical behaviors. Authors shall submit their original works without infringing intellectual property rights of others. Editors and reviewers shall evaluate manuscripts according to their academic values. Reviewers shall not take advantage of the original ideas drawn from the reviewed manuscripts. Reviewers shall keep the reviewed content confidential until it is published.