The similarity report on WriteAid and complete the library review from now on.

The new similarity detection system, WriteAid Similarity Scanner, from National Central Library is now on trial from 5/30-7/31. To ensure academic integrity, every graduate student who has the oral defense this semester must run the similarity report on WriteAid and complete the library review from now on. Follow the instruction below.


1.    In addition to running the Turnitin report, follow the purple circles as above to run the WriteAid similarity report as well.
2.    What you have to do to run a WriteAid similarity report:
(1)    Register an account from our Electronic Theses & Dissertations System (ETD System). Follow the guide “1.Account Registration” here. After you have an account, you can access the “Similarity Scanner” in our ETD system.
(2)    Upload your draft approved by your advisor to WriteAid Similarity Scanner. Please note:

  • You can run the report only 5 times. Don’t waste any of it. (It is limited by NCL and we have no choice to follow.)
  • The full-text you upload should be a complete thesis, which includes cover, abstract, the contents, references, etc.
  • Do not cheat on the report.

(3)    After you got the report, download the report.
(4)    Upload the report to Turnitin assignment “Upload the report to the National Central Library's WriteAid Similarity Scanner” for library review.

※    If you cannot complete everything before your oral defense, you can run the report after your oral defense as a make-up. However, please run the report BEFORE you upload your electronic thesis. 

After finishing everything above, please finish the following process, including signing the checklist and providing 2 complete similarity report to your advisor.

For more details, please refer to our website:

Or contact: