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  Whether you are intending to practice as IP lawyer or officer in IP field, our IP program will give you the broad and rigorous foundation and knowledge you need. You will study integral parts of the IP law, and be encouraged to think critically about fundamental issues. 

  • Credits & Graduation Policy for Domestic Student(国内学生学分与毕业条件)


Minimum Credits Requirement

Other Credits Requirements

Graduation Requirements

  36 credits include

  • 7 compulsory modules credits
  • 29 optional modules credits

(The institute acknowledges cross universities, colleges, and departments units are no more than 6.)

  • TOEIC test with 600 above score 
  • For non-law background students:

Additional 14 credits of law subjects

  •   For law background students:

1. Choose either one of:

  • General physics
  • General chemistry
  • Introduction to design
  • Introduction to computer science
  • Introduction to biology

2. Any course relate to industrial development.

  1. A thesis tutor provides guidance to masters’ students regarding enrollment in specific courses after they begin their masters’ programs. After a thesis advisor is selected, the advisor guides students regarding enrollment in specific courses.
  2. Before the end of the students’ first year study programs, they are required to submit a “Guidance Consent Form” and choose a thesis advisor.
  3. In case a graduate student wants to change his/her thesis advisor, he/she is required to obtain permission from the original advisor and dean of the institute.
  4. Based on the principle of balance, each full-time faculty member of the institute provides guidance to not more than 2 to 4 graduate students in an entire academic year. If a faculty member is required to provide guidance to more than 2 to 4 graduate students, then he/she should obtain approval at the institute’s meeting.
  5. A masters' student should propose his/her master thesis research plan 4 weeks prior to graduation, and the dates of the final examinations should be held at least 2 months prior to the dates of proposing the master thesis research plan.
  6. Students should either take off-campus practical research courses or conduct practical services for more than 60 hours in cooperative institutions prior to graduation.
  7. Thesis publication with certification proof or assist on the publication on NTUT Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Management.


  • Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum