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Intellectual property is an important intangible asset of an enterprise. Categories, laws and management of intellectual property, especially the protection of patent rights related to R&D technologies, are a part of enterprise knowledge and management that cannot be ignored. And patent documents, whether in technical vocabulary, innovative concepts, scope of patent applications, and other standard items, require rich technical knowledge and intellectual property.



Since the invention of modern printing technology, different types of work have gradually become the subject of commercial transactions, knowledge and creation have become part of economic interests. Creation is like tangible goods, protected by special laws to promote the production of knowledge and creation, and stimulate the development of literature, music, arts, and science.



Trademark of a brand is getting more and more attention. How to use trademarks to increase the economic value of their goods or services and protect their value by law has become an important topic in nowadays. Through the introduction of the contents of the Trademark Law, explains how the Trademark Law protects brands and how to use the Trademark Law to protect one's own brand from improper counterfeiting by others.


Trade secret

The protection of business secrets is one of the important internal control tasks of many companies, and what kind of business secret management concepts should the auditors have in order to formulate an audit plan for the protection of business secrets, and in-depth check whether each business meets the requirements of the Business Secrets Law, will be an important promotion of risk control for many enterprises.