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Following the two years taught part of the course, you have to complete the following requirements as required by NTUT graduation regime.

  • Minimum Graduation Credits: Total of 30 Credits should be completed (which compulsory modules 6 credits, optional modules 24 credits)
  • Maximum 6 credits for inter-departmental course/study
  • Compulsory additional 14 credits of law subjects for non-law background students.
  • Compulsory 2 subjects should be completed for law background students, which
    (A) general physics, general chemistry, introduction to design, introduction to computer science or introduction to biology (choose either one) ;
    (B) any course which related to industrial development.
  • TOEIC test with 600 above
  • Thesis publication with certification proof or assist on the publication on NTUT Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Management.