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Jye-Ching Lee (李傑清 教授)

LL.D., WASEDA University (Japan)

Research interests: The law of technology, Criminal law, Copyright law, Trade secret law


Louis Chen (陳春山 教授)

LL.D., University of Ottawa (Canada)

Research interests: Brand & Trademark, M&A, Leadership & Corporate Governance, Global Governance


Kuang-Cheng Chen (陳匡正 教授)

J.S.D, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (U.S.A.)

Research interests: Intellectual Property, Technology and Law, Biodiversity and Law, Empirical Legal Studies, Law and Economics, Law of Renewable Energy


Yii-Der SU(蘇倚德 助理教授)

Docteur en Droit Privé, University of Strasbourg (France)